Gita Farah
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Joint Bachelor Honours Degree in Fashion Design & Merchandising (American College of London) Businesswoman, Stylist & Buyer

Nadia Guechi has a proven track record through her work as an Operational Director, building her extensive network of connections and managing several start up companies by accelerating their productivity and profitability.

Using these skills obtained over many years of her career has allowed Nadia to host, manage and organise Luxury events of differnet kinds for large attendances of guests, working with international brands and companies providing the best outcome for their needs, alongside Gita Farah.

Nadia's Arabic roots have allowed her to develop strong relationships with Arabic Press, Media & Television outlets, providing maximum exposure for the venues she is involved in.


Gita Farah has built her extensive network of connections through her experience as a Fashion Designer, Director of her own brand, Buyer and Personal Shopper, for an exclusive clientele over 20 years in London and the Middle East.


An accomplished entrepreneur in the Fashion Industry  with extensive experience of the Ladies Fashion retail sector , and a profound background knowledge in all aspects of the industry. 


Managing and directing her own brand with private Luxury Events in London and abroad as well as her collection of independent boutiques in London, Gita Farah decided to use her knowledge and expertise to build a networking and shopping opportunity for all the brands, designers & companies participating in her events.


Multilingual in English, German and Persian has allowed Gita to expand her experience with distinct markets internationally, and showcase her brand in Middle Eastern and European media channels.

Nadia Guechi
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National Operational Director, Businesswoman & Fashion Buyer

Luxury Event Planner

LUXURY Events | Fashion Shows | Pop-Up Events

We specialise and are passionate for hosting a variety of exclusive Fashion Shows and Luxury Pop-Up Shopping Events in participating luxury venues in London and Internationally.

We aim to host the ultimate shopping experiences and networking opportunitie for our wide array of clientle.

Networking Events
Networking Events


We specialise in hosting exclusive events bringing together like minded, successful and driven individuals in the Fashion, Health, Beauty industries under one roof at our luxury participating venues. 

Our events create an atmosphere for networking, as well as creating further opportunities for all who attend.

G&G Fashion Show _ Hyatt Regency, The Ch
Fashion Shows

We collaborate with upcoming and established brands allowing them to showcase their Fashion Collections with our large attendance of guests, clientele, press, media and photographers for the most exclusive showcase of their designs ON A LIVE RUNWAY. In addition, we incorporate a space for these to be purchased before and after the show. We offer Live Entertainment and work with sponsors to host the ultimate Luxury Fashion Venue.

In addition, we host pop-up events for businesses to showcase their collection/brand in a Luxury Venue with an atmosphere of music, professional photography and to showcase their pieces on our models for exposure.

Thank you to the beautiful & talented Fa
Brand Launches
Private Brand Events


If you would like to launch your brand or perhaps showcase your collection in an intimate and exclusive setting with an attendance of our clientele, we specialise in creating a customised private event at one of our participating leading Luxury Venues for you.

We can work with your brand in hosting you a specialised and customised Luxury Pop-Up Event, as well as provide you with our range of besboke services for an unforgettable event in collaboration with G&G.

G&G Luxury Summer Fashion Show 


Hyatt Regency, The Churchill

June 2019

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